The Location

Bozeman, Montana

Located in the southwestern portion of Montana, Gallatin County, which comprises the Bozeman micropolitan area, is bordered by five other Montana counties.  Gallatin County covers approximately 2,632 square miles of mountain lands varying in topography and climate from temperate river valleys to snow-capped peaks and open ranch land.  Bozeman, the county seat of Gallatin County is the economic driver of the region and fourth largest city in the state.

Between 2000 and 2010, Gallatin County recorded the fastest population growth in the state. During this time, Gallatin County registered population growth of 37% compared to approximately 10% growth in the US and an increase of 90% logged by the state.   Local officials estimate that the population of Bozeman will double by 2024.

According to Pitney-Bowes/Gadberry Group-GroundView®, Gallatin County had a 2017 population of 108,703 and experienced an annual growth rate of 2.8%, which was higher than the Montana annual growth rate of 0.9%.  The local economy maintains ties to agriculture and public-sector employment, but tourism, education, health and social services, technology and light industry-based sectors have become some of Bozeman’s more prominent and modern industries. 

Located in the Center of Bozeman

The site has an approximate area of 133,729 square feet or 3.070 acres. It has generally level topography with few wetland areas, is connected to the City of Bozeman water and sewer system and is supplied with electricity and natural gas by NorthWestern Energy. The site is not located in a flood hazard zone. Access to the site is from Tschache Lane.

The site borders open space on three sides which is very rare for a multi-family development site in the Bozeman market. It is bordered to the east and south by common open space for the Stoneridge Square Subdivision and to the west by Rose Park. There are good views of the surrounding mountain ranges from the site.