CentrePark Flats

Gallatin Valley has always been a crossroads.

  Long ago, various tribes such as the Shoshone, Bannock, Nez Perce, and Blackfeet hunted and passed through the area on their way to Yellowstone to pursue buffalo.  Because of this, the Blackfeet called it the "many come-together-country".  Usually when passing through, tribes would stay for a few days in Bozeman to trade and barter with local cowboys.  This shows Bozeman's long history of a diverse group of people sharing the land and all it has to offer.  As Bozeman grows, we continue to be a crossroads of new and diverse people making their home here and sharing the land.  The CentrePark Flats are at the center of Bozeman and Centre comes from the British spelling of the word meaning “meeting place”.


The project will include three 18-plex buildings (Approximately 20,232 square feet) that will be individually condominiumized with prices starting at $285,000. 

 Each building includes three levels with 6 two-bedroom/two-bathroom units on each level. Each unit will be single level with a finished area of 1,124 square feet with 9ft ceilings on first and second floors, vaulted ceilings on the 3rd level.

Pricing and Availability